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mepic“In a previous life I used to be very unfit and allergic to exercise. Then one day; like so many of us do, I ‘woke up’ and decided ‘I’m bored of this’..”

In 2012 I graduated from the London School of Sports Massage with a Level 5 Diploma in Clinical Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy.

I found my inspiration to begin my journey to become a sport and remedial massage therapist through my love of running, trail and cross country, British Military Fitness training (BMF), Muay Thai boxing and training in the gym. I have a detailed understanding of what it takes to prepare and look after the body to prevent and effectively recover from injury.

My work looks closely at the relationship between the physical and mental exertions put on the body to cause injury and fatigue, finding solutions for each individual to get the most from their exercise training and avoid repetitive injury. I also strongly believe in clients taking ownership of their own maintenance and recovery. The treatment is a two way partnership to ensure the best results.

“My passion is to help people understand their bodies more, why things hurt and ‘give up’ on us, and how to respect the amazing machine that is the human form, maximising its full potential.”

Whether you’re into yoga, triathlons, training for your first running race, wanting to get back into the football season, tired and aching from the daily desk job, exhausted from the looking after children, Sport and Remedial massage is a powerful tool to help look after your body.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Zeina, great blog! You’ve probably got hold of the thin rye bread in vacumn packets. I agree it’s not nice. Infinity foods and other health food shops do a fresh rye loaf which is a lot nicer. You can also supplement with fresh gluten free bread or try spelt bread which is an ancient form of wheat. Some people with wheat intolerance can eat this type of grain. If you can then great, it’s fluffy and lovely and much like real bread.

    Sorry about the grapefruit juice – if you’re near a freshly squeezed juice bar (my favourite is Love Fit Cafe) you can have that but you need to make sure you’re having it with a meal or snack containing protein and/ or essential fat to slow the release of sugar into your system.

    All sounds very exciting – proud to see you’re documenting your progress. I will be following avidly!

  2. Interesting about the fruit juice. Makes sense. so if it’s the morning what protein or essential fats am I meant to have? Same for afternoon. So really I could have a glass of juice with a main meal?

  3. The essential fats in your snacks are hummus, seeds, nuts, nakd bars and in the falafels and in your breakfasts it’s peanut butter, the nuts and seeds in the muesli and the avocado. You can have freshly squeezed fruit juice with any of your snacks and breakfasts though as they are all balanced. Follow the 7 day day meal planner and we will review after you have completed 2 weeks so I can give you more variety and new ideas

  4. I’m following it to the gram!

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