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I think I can…

‘Beyond the very extreme of fatigue and distress, we may find amounts of ease and power we never dreamed ourselves to own, sources of strength never taxed at all because we never push through the obstruction’…William James


I think I can


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Beeding Hill….Bleeding Hell


Decided to run a 27.2 mile trail race on my ah hem ‘big’ birthday this year. It will be my first marathon. I could have decided to go for a marathon on the flat, but instead I picked the hilliest local race that I could find. Well, why not.

I will have run the whole course by the time race day gets here, broken into sections. This weekend I’m going to do the entire ‘east of the river’ section and then on the Sunday next day, I’ll go back out and do the entire ‘west of the river’ section.

This is a training suggestion from a friend who is a tri coach and himself an IM. Run the whole course but split over 24 hours.

I’m not sure what is worse, the slow and relentless uphill of the South Downs or something far more aggressive and sudden. Either way they hurt and there’s an elevation total of 3,450 of climb. Nothing in comparison to what you’d get up North, but it’s painful enough.

Apart from the obligatory blisters and feeling sick (!) the runs have been solitary but manageable. Always preferring to run by myself. No point running trails if you need someone with you to chat or you have to plug into your music. Misses the point in my eyes. But then I’m not running 100 plus miles so maybe when you get to that level of endurance running you need a buddy there.

The chia seed frenzy that many local Brightonians are embracing is soon coming my way I feel. With offers of gels and biscuits and this and that being given to me, it won’t be long until these rather tasteless Peruvian seeds claim me as one of their devoted.

I’m almost looking forwards to the pain and the tears; for there will be tears once I get across the finish line.

Bleeding Hell