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1 day and 14 hours to go!

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Friday 12th April 2013


Go through in your mind miles 22-26. The last section of the course. The crowds will be massive along this section so you may find yourself being overwhelmed. Use the crowds to keep you going. Imagine that there cameras are on you. You’re in your own film and everyone is watching you. Keep going no matter what you’re feeling, no matter how many time your head has told you must stop. The last 6 miles. Go through the image of you running closer and closer to the finish. Use whatever you can to tick off the distance. Lamp posts, street signs, anything. The finish is always a little bit further than most runners at Brighton think. Do speed up and race for the line once you see the pier. Keep controlled and wait a bit longer until you can ‘see’ the Finish.


Tonight you are going to get a better nights sleep than tomorrow. Nerves tomorrow unfortunately wont let you sleep as much as you’d like to. So rest well tonight.

Continue your eating and hydration as you have been all week. Dont be tempted to cram in the cakes and chocolate as last-minute carb boosts. these are full of the wrong sort of carbohydrate and will just play havoc with your glucose levels.


Runners have been picking up their race packs all day from the Brighton Marathon Expo. Have you got yours, is it all present and correct? Or are you going tomorrow? The weather is all over the place in Brighton at the moment so be ready for anything on Sunday.

Sleep well and enjoy the mounting excitement!


Author: ZCsportstherapy

ZCsportstherapy @zcsportstherapy Medical Acupuncturist, Clinical Sport & Remedial Soft Tissue Therapist, ASA Level 2 Swimming Teacher, RLSS UK Pool Lifeguard, Lover of running up hills. Brighton, East Sussex · zcsportstherapy.co.uk

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