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Thursday 11th April 2013


You’re now at miles 18-21 on the course, so you’re heading out to the Shoreham basin part of the route. this is where many runners hit the ‘wall’. Really spend time taking your mind through this stage and allow yourself to run through this section and get out the other side. If you allow yourself to fear this part of the route you’re more than likely to hit the wall along with everyone else. You’ve taken on hydration and energy, you’re feeling still steady and in control.


Have a look at your feet. Are there any sore patches from training? If so stock up on your blister plasters and tape for the race. Are youre toenails falling off, are they too long?

Hopefully you’re still in good health and have avoided any bugs. How are you feeling after your meals? Content, still hungry, too full? A lot of race day nutrition plans in magazines and forums I’ve read say you should start ‘carbo loading’ and that your carbohydrate intake could be 65-70 of your total calories. Eat complex carbs and avoid upsetting your digestive system with heavy starchy meals.


Have a look at your times and write down the mile splits you hope to achieve. You should already have an idea from training what times you hope to reach certain miles. Are you going for a halfway split or are you being more precise with times for each mile. Review these. They may or may not be the same as they were a few weeks ago. If you’re using a Garmin make sure it’s all operational and not going to give out on you as soon as you cross the start line. If you’re using a new watch or monitor make sure you know how it works!




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ZCsportstherapy @zcsportstherapy Medical Acupuncturist, Clinical Sport & Remedial Soft Tissue Therapist, ASA Level 2 Swimming Teacher, RLSS UK Pool Lifeguard, Lover of running up hills. Brighton, East Sussex · zcsportstherapy.co.uk

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