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6 Days and Counting…

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Here marathon runners is your count down day for Tuesday 9th April 2013…

Visualise miles 6-13 of the race. You’re on your way out to Rottingdean where the course will start to spread out. You’re in a steady pace. You’ll have hopefully gotten into your stride, are calm and focused.

Resist the temptation to cram in extra workouts this week. Tapering means tapering. Avoid extra sessions at the gym and put any DIY jobs on hold until after Sunday. If you’ve got a manual job, make someone else do the hard work! 🙂
Keep getting early nights. The weather has taken a turn for the wet worse and colds are lurking everywhere.

Figure out what you’re going to eat on race day morning, then go out on one of your training sessions to see how it feels. Was it too much, too little, do you feel heavy, sick? Work everything out and leave nothing until the day. Hopefully you would have figured out this well before this week. Avoid eating anything new on race day morning.

Plan your race day travel to the start. Are you starting at 9am with the masses in Preston Park or are you up the front with the elites and club runners leaving from Withdean? Parking, buses, walking. Get it planned. Brighton Marathon website has details of travel plans in the city on Sunday http://www.brightonmarathon.co.uk/guide/#p=2

Get your kit list together. You dont want to be hunting about on race day morning for that pair of gloves you swore were in your kit bag.



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ZCsportstherapy @zcsportstherapy Medical Acupuncturist, Clinical Sport & Remedial Soft Tissue Therapist, ASA Level 2 Swimming Teacher, RLSS UK Pool Lifeguard, Lover of running up hills. Brighton, East Sussex · zcsportstherapy.co.uk

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