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Dealing with lane etiquette and lane rage

Now that I am getting faster and stronger in the pool, I am noticing the effect of swimming with others. If I’m in lane where the other swimmers are a bit faster than me, it’s great and it becomes a tough work out just to keep out of their way.

If anyone fancies sponsoring me so that I can have my own training lane, that would be amazing.

Next week sees me taking my RLSS National Pool Lifeguard Qualification. If I had the power I’d have new signs installed in all the pools at the end of the lanes.

Fast Lane:

No breaststroke because you kick other swimmers in the head as you pass by.

No backstroke because unless you are an Olympic swimmer, this is just ridiculous.

No butterfly because you are in danger of inflicting serious harm on the other swimmers.

In short, freestyle or crawl is the only accepted stroke. By order of the Management.