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Tweak here tweak there…I’m knackered!

So after several months of over-hauling my swimming technique, I had another 1:1 session with coach to check over where I was.

After a minimal compliment, I had to tweak the legs, my pelvis is too low in the water, my knees are too bent, too much rotation to one side, the feet are ‘messy’.

Messy feet?

Swimming only for 30 or so minutes whilst under the watchful eye of coach, felt like swimming the channel. Burning legs, bursting lungs. I understand what I have to do. An article by the ITU said the hardest part of a triathlon or any swimming training, was learning the correct technique. Unless you were very lucky, forget everything they taught you at school. That was just enough to stop you from drowning. Swimming is a science and it’s complicated.

I also worked on my turns, not tumble turns but a smooth turn so that you dont have to stop, turn, kick off.

I swam along side the coach for a few lengths, watching under water how it’s meant to be done. Poetry, bloody poetry.

God knows how all this technique work will transpose itself when I swim in the sea later this year. One wave and I’ll be doing doggy paddle!