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Stop moaning about your training…

Last night I was very humbled to be in the company of triathletes and Ironman athletes. All focused and dedicated and displaying alarming levels of endurance, not only in their constant training but also in the competitions they chose to race in. We were brought together for a seminar on how to obtain positive thought, to assist you in your training and racing. Dispelling the negative, which causes us not only to doubt our ability but makes us tired and anxious.

There were a few chaps and one women who have and are wanting to enter the world of the Ironman. 226.31k of gruelling madness. I for one do not ever think I could swim the 3.86 km, cycle 180.25km and then run 42.2 km in that order and without a break. I find it quite fascinating what drives people to not only train, but compete to such a level of intensity. Is there and common denominator that joins all endurance athletes together. Why do they want to put themselves through this?

I am concentrating on getting my swimming stronger so that next year I wont be flailing about in the sea when it comes to the aquathlon season. For those of you who are wondering why I don’t just do a triathlon, there was a guy last night who had a tee shirt with the picture of a cyclist laying out cold on the road after falling from his bike, with the slogan underneath ‘Man Down’. That says it all.

What I will not do from now on is complain about the 1.8k I have to swim three times a week in my training plan. That is 72 lengths. A chap I met last night who is doing his first Ironman next year, regularly swims 150 lengths several times a week on top of all the other 20k running and 100 mile cycling he does.

I will never moan about swimming again.