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Day 2:

Rye bread toast and Whole Earth peanut butter. The bread is horrid and I shan’t be buying it from that shop again! I’d love a glass of pink grapefruit juice, but I’m not allowed it.

“Are fruit juices off the menu as well, Michelle?”. Her reply, “Yes they release sugar very quickly and cause an insulin surge (insulin being the fat storing hormone). They key to loosing weight is being in control of blood sugar balance, so your meals are carefully balanced with the right amount on slow releasing carbohydrates, proteins and essential fats. Ensuring fruit or veg is added to each meal and snack to provide additional nourishment and prevent cravings.”

Rightio oh. Time for a cup of coffee and then down to the cycle track in Preston Park for some bike riding. Take my mind off this horrid bread.

Later today I will be making fruit sorbet. The rock and roll existence.


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