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4 Week Sports Nutrition Plan

Day 1:

So after buying groceries and investigating ingredients, peering again at the food plan that I have pinned to the cupboard in the kitchen, I embark on day 1.

I decided to aggressively start my plan by following the guidelines of measuring my waist, thigh, top of arm and chest. A rather shocking start to a Monday morning! The images of me standing in my underwear, front, side and back were equally eyebrow raising.

A spate of injuries have meant a drastic reduction in the amount of anaerobic exercise that I have been able to do. Normally 3 circuit sessions a week, a swim and a cross-country run thrown in at the weekend, was now down to about half of that.

Unimpressed by the reduction in fitness and form, I found a professional sports nutritionist based in London.

Michelle Newitt is The Sports Nutrition Coach and had sent me a detailed plan, with a cook book to cover a 4 week structure and designed to run alongside my usual training sessions of 5 times a week.

Hardly any carbohydrates, even less booze, tiny smatterings of cheese and lots and lots of beans! Hmm. Another rude awakening. Of course I do know all this already I know what I should and shouldn’t be eating. Just like the clients that I see who say they know they need to do the stretches and exercises I set them, they do know, it’s just that they don’t always get round to it. I knew what was necessary to keep me running up hills without having a myocardial infarction, I just, didn’t always get round to it.

Portion control and the structuring of the food groups. The science of food. Food combinations, timings. Fascinating stuff!


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