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Start of week 4:

After the Monday morning measurements have been taken, I am now well into the programme of re education about food as fuel as well as sustenance and enjoyment.

Combinations of food groups to give the best outcome, to give energy and allow me to feel the best I can. I am now looking at the plate of food before me, thinking about what proteins are on the plate, what essential fats, what are the sugars.

Can I eat this, with this? Get the combination right and bingo! I run faster and perform better in everything. Get it wrong and I have food cravings and feel tired.

Yesterday I took part in the Brighton Marina Triathlon, in a team relay. My leg was the 8k run which I did in 37 mins. Using the NLP techniques I had been given to get my mind into a winning position, I could tell myself that I had put the best quality petrol into the tank and there was no reason for the engine to fail!

I am going to keep with the weight loss GI way of eating until I reach my weight goal, which will be in about another 4 weeks. After that I will move to a maintenance programme designed ‘forever’. A new way of eating for life.

Happy Days.


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Start of week 3:

So at the start of week three how am I feeling? Well, lighter, faster, more energised and ‘cleaner’.

I ran a cross country route yesterday with some fellow runners, and at the end of the run I had some compliments about how much faster I was, in comparison to last time. I have been doing more hill running, because as tough as it is on my lungs made of mud, it’s the only way to improve your over all stamina and strength. Favouring off road rather than bashing my feet on the hard concrete roads. However, feeling lighter has had an effect not only in my physical ability but also psychologically.

Measurements this morning showed another half an inch of the waist and hips etc. That’s an nearly two inches already. I have weighed myself at the gym, but I don’t really value body weight as a true indicator because muscle, is heavier than fat, and I love to lift weights!

I have noticed in the evenings after my meal, that I do crave sugary sweet foods. Chocolate, sweets, fizzy drinks, booze! I asked Michelle why this was, and her answer was….coffee!

Now I only have one cup a day, and thought that would not have an affect on me late a night?! Here’s what Michelle said in reply to this:

“Caffeine stays in your system for 12 hours and causes an insulin surge as it mimics the effect of sugar. When it runs out it creates a bloody sugar dip which is fine if you are easting something, but when you’re not it can cause that feeling of emptiness in your stomach and cravings. ”

Well I never…..the one cup in the morning was responsible for me craving those Minstrels and Sprite late at night!?

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Day 7:

Been busy with clients last few days, so here we are, or here I am, at the end of the first week. Not bad so far. I think the shock of weighing food and getting my head around protein with essential fats and carbohydrates/sugars, is starting to sink in.

This morning I went for a 1 hour and 45 min run and when I got back I had a large glass or fruit juice, with a handful of almonds on the side. Not something I would have previously gone for, but was consciously going through in my head on the last leg on the run, “If I have the fruit juice which is high in GI then I’ve been told I need the protein at the same time to slow down the rush of sugar into the blood stream”. Well, it helped take my mind off the heat and the hill!

Psychologically the structured plan is helping me in terms of not giving up when I’m out training. Yesterday in BMF, it was a killer session. A lot of running with a lot of sets of high intensity circuits. There was a time when I may have said to myself “enough is enough” and would have started slowing down. Yesterday I could continuously tell myself that I had been eating clean all week and therefore, there was no reason for me to be struggling. With this knowledge and mantra in mind I kept on going  and pushed till the end of the session.

In the long run this morning, I kept telling myself the same thing. Whereas before on a long run I may have had to walk for a minute here and there, today I didn’t stop once, even on the long up hills.

Am looking forward to taking the next set of measurements tomorrow morning before breakfast to see for myself what one week has done for me. Okay it wont be inches, but it will be something!

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Day 4:

The beans are starting to get to me. I’m not a big fan, but I get why I have to eat them (so many of them?) as I have been a strict vegetarian for 24 years and I dont eat eggs either. So I have come to terms with the beans, almost.

Am very tired from being in London all day yesterday and I have a hard training session still to do today, so will be interesting to see how the energy levels are coping. Am having cravings for cheese (a vegetarians worst enemy)

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Day 3:

Had to take a variety of plastic boxes in a little cool bag, containing the food laid out for me today. Taking all my days food up to London to the Paralympics was like a military operation, which I did succeed in. Even though I felt like a kid on a school trip with their packed lunch.

Am starting to get the idea behind ‘clean food’ and ‘clean eating’. Even remarked on a client’s choice of afternoon snack today and found myself saying, “Better to eat some strawberries or cherries rather than that melon. Slower energy release from the fructose”……!!???. Made me smile anyway.



Day 2:

Rye bread toast and Whole Earth peanut butter. The bread is horrid and I shan’t be buying it from that shop again! I’d love a glass of pink grapefruit juice, but I’m not allowed it.

“Are fruit juices off the menu as well, Michelle?”. Her reply, “Yes they release sugar very quickly and cause an insulin surge (insulin being the fat storing hormone). They key to loosing weight is being in control of blood sugar balance, so your meals are carefully balanced with the right amount on slow releasing carbohydrates, proteins and essential fats. Ensuring fruit or veg is added to each meal and snack to provide additional nourishment and prevent cravings.”

Rightio oh. Time for a cup of coffee and then down to the cycle track in Preston Park for some bike riding. Take my mind off this horrid bread.

Later today I will be making fruit sorbet. The rock and roll existence.